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Tibet Yak has tailor-made and selected the best of private Tibet tours with authentic Tibetan experiences that Tibet has to offer, over the years, we have build our local expertise by operating more than 2000 visitors every year, and all our private Tibet tours are result of practical work experiences and different suggestions from our previous clients, so our private Tibet tours cover almost whole ranges of Tibet travel experiences for various duration. We are very confident that with us you can achieve the best of your Tibet tours that meet your requirement, your can also fill our Tailor-made Tour Form and our local Tibet travel expert team will customize a Tibet tours right for you or your family.

Why choose Tour into Tibet as my travel agency?

We, Tour into Tibet’s management team, are originally from Tibet, and have traveled extensively throughout Tibet, China, and many other fascinating destinations. We have the knowledge, contacts, and experience to provide well-planned, comprehensive, all-inclusive and land only tours. Our team leaders have over ten year of experience operating tours in Tibet, China, and related places. Let us get you on your way!

What can I expect if I book a tour with you?

As a full service tour company we carefully evaluate our clients travel interests and provide complete travel plans to match those interest. Your travel comfort and enjoyment are our top priority. And while you travel you can relax because our tour operators coordinate all aspects of your travel for you. Their attention to detail to ensure your enjoyment is simply incredible. You will experience and appreciate the first class services we provide.

Tibet, dream destination for many travelers and adventure admirers from all over the world. One reason is it’s isolated position from the rest the world until the early 20th century. It is host to the world’s tallest mountains with Mount Everest the tallest at 8848 meters, over 1500 lakes, vast plateaus and great river valleys.

Linguists generally classify the Tibetan language as a Tibeto-Burman language of the Sino-Tibetan language family. Although spoken Tibetan varies according to the region, the written language is consistent throughout.

The main religion of Tibet has been Buddhism, which was introduced here 1300 years ago by Guru Rinpoche. It is better known quite simply as Tibetan Buddhism.

The weather in Tibet has similar seasons to China. Lower temperatures though due to the higher altitudes. The atmosphere is very dry most months of the year. The average annual snowfall is only 46 cm. It is one of the harshest places for human existence. Weather is cool in summer but extremely cold in winter, solar radiation is extremely strong. During spring and autumn you need to be prepared for four seasons in one day, including the possibility of snowfall.

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